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  • Bilaspur Rampur,Uttar Pradesh
  • AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

  • Service provider of 2017


Sardar Seeds amongst the most trusted seed companies in India owing to its intensive and rigorous research and development (R & D) efforts, coupled with its stringent quality control processes.


To meet the demand for quality seeds in the country. Vision To contribute to the prosperity of farmers through supply of quality seeds and other agro inputs / services and to enhance agricultural productivity.


To lead the Indian Seed Industry by producing and marketing quality seeds of a wide range of crop varieties and hybrids, and adding value through other agro related inputs and services to the satisfaction of farmers.

Main Objective:

1- To ensure growth in the activities of the Corporation.

2- To undertake production and supply of quality seeds for enhancing agricultural productivity in the country.

3- To diversify the product-mix with more focus on oilseeds, pulses and hybrid seeds.

4- To introduce new crop varieties. To strengthen and modernize infrastructural facilities.

5- To enhance seed production, processing and marketing by expanding Growers’ network and through Public-Private-Partnership.

6- To explore new distribution channels & strengthen the existing distribution network.

7- To provide training/extension and other seed related services to the farmers.

Services Provided by Sardar Seeds:

The services offered by the company include Production and distribution of quality seeds at a reasonable price and farmers training. Usually, the customers’ requirements are critically analysed and understood at the tender stage itself through a well-documented ‘Contract Review’ procedure. By virtue of the type of business chosen by the company, there is direct contact with the farmers/seed grower or the citizens. However, it is incumbent on the part of the company to ensure such social obligations through Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction:

To ensure Total Customer Satisfaction, the following initiatives are taken. Various business processes of the company are defined and managed with the sole objective of meeting and exceeding the explicit and implicit customer expectations. The Quality Management activity based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System is usually prevention-oriented. The Corporation is involved in production, processing and marketing of seeds. Customers in the context of NSC are the growers, farmers dealers, co-operative agencies, technology partners and other stake holders.

Customer satisfaction with respect to NSC supplies and Services shall be assessed through activities such as:

  • 1. Meetings / interactions with customers.
  • 2. Customer Grievances / complaints, suggestions if any;
  • 3. Repeat business, letters of appreciation received, if any;
  • 4. Customer perception assessed through structured questionnaire addressing various aspects of service.

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

This is carried out by sending structured questionnaires to the customers at the time of selling the seeds and eliciting their opinion about the products and services being offered. The data collected by various strategic business units are analysed by the marketing and quality control divisions of the corporation. As the Customer Satisfaction is a parameter incorporated in the MOU between the Corporation and Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, it is regularly measured and reported for internal reviews and also for reviews at higher levels in the government. The results of these reviews are used to update the systems and procedures, thus institutionalising continual improvement processes. To ensure the customer satisfaction, the corporation evaluates its standards conducting customer study by third party and also implements the recommendation of third party in the interest of Corporation.